Our Mission

To provide exemplary candidates and work effectively with our clients in assisting all aspects of human capital augmentation, and build a relationship based workforce that leads to a thriving work environment.

Our Philosophy

To recruit talented candidates that build on successful career paths and create a continuing business relationship with our clients. We believe: “Our clients successful fulfillments are our accomplishments!”

Our Business

  • Asian American Woman Owned Minority professional staffing firm providing world class service.
  • We listen to our clients to provide customized services while building personal relationships.
  • Specialized in supporting Fortune 500 companies, along with several mid-size and small companies.
  • Our team leaders have cumulative experience of over 20 years in providing strategic technology and business augmentation solutions to commercial and federal sectors.
  • One stop for recruiting needs with networks of stellar supportive alliances.
  • We believe diversified talent makes an enormous difference through transparency and effective internal communication. Each team leader is held accountable for the entire company image, reputation and performance.
  • We believe our clients deserve a cost effective partner to ensure mutual growth and success.

Simply put – Quality

At MY HR we conduct regular quality control evaluations. Quality control is built into our business model and we know this is critical to our success. Our quality control process includes three key components:

  1. Compliance audit
  2. Client appraisal
  3. Client meeting

HR Services

MY HR is a full service professional Human Resource consulting firm offering staff augmentation, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Professional Employer Organization , Payroll Services and full range HR Services-including Compliance, Training and Workforce Development. With our personal touch we help small to mid-sized companies grow and strengthen in the HR area by providing customized HR solution. We extend our customer service by post evaluation of our candidates/services by continuous conversations with our customers on an on-going basis.[Read More]


Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices


Digital Media Staffing


Energy and Utilities

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