Why You Should Hire Filipino Talent

Over the past few years, The Philippines has become one of the best places to hire remote talent, freelancers and outsourcing companies. If your still debating whether to hire Filipino talent, hopefully this article will clear all of your doubts.

  1. Filipino’s have been outsourced to for nearly 30 years

With over 700 BPO firms and 30 years in the BPO field, The Philippines are used to being outsourced to. With all of this experience in BPO, they understand how to adapt to their client’s schedule, work environment, and time zones.

2. They speak fluent English 

Around 95% of the Filipino population speak fluent English so communicating with Filipino’s wouldn’t be difficult as long as you are an English speaker.

3. Hiring them is cost-effective

Outsourcing can be extremely cost-effective for your organization. You can find very good talent in skill based jobs in the Philippines for a very good price.

During the pandemic, startups and small companies started requesting us to find off-shore talent so that can save them money. For the last 6 months, MY HR has been able to provide premium IT talent as well as off-shore recruiters, data entry, lead generation, and business development talent for a fraction of the price. MY HR has the infrastructure in place to pay and monitor off-shore consultants efficiently.

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