It’s not the word “STAFFING” as bad but the way it has been portrayed is bad.

Despite the fact that temporary and contract employment has become more prevalent than ever and staffing agencies help million to find a job, staffing agencies still get a bad name. If you browse the internet long enough, you’ll find plenty of personal stories and rants about bad experiences with staffing agencies. As a staffing company, we know that most staffing companies aren’t bad, but maybe we’re being misrepresented in the eyes of many former, present or potential employees. The bad name is earned perhaps because of lack of professionalism on their parts.

What upsets people about staffing agencies? Common complaints include:

  • Poor communication between recruiter and candidates, including bad follow-up and lack of details about the role,
  • Mass messaging/contacting the wrong candidates
  • Absence of candidate care in the recruiting system; abruptly ending communication at certain point of the process.
  • Impersonal relationships (i.e. never hearing from the staffing agency after placements/ or no placement
  • Over-promising(we are different, we build relationship, we have proprietary Database)

Though there will always be dissenters, there are a few things the staffing industry can do to better represent themselves in  the public sphere and demonstrate their values to the economy.

Educate your candidates

Detail out every steps of your recruitment procedure; answer any questions they may have. Devote enough time when you arrange a meeting with them.

Follow up with the candidate

Treat people as you’d like to be treated and let candidates know the status of their application. Keeping your communication frequent and honest will help build better relationship with your candidates, as most people appreciate timely feedback.

 Stay connected

Be honest, that interviewing does not necessarily guarantee a job. Also assure them that you would keep them informed of their placement status. And sincerely establish a follow up mechanism. Bad news are difficult to give- but keeping a candidate waiting is worse.

Install relevant, strong sourcing criteria

Some agencies may value quantity over quality, but often mass messaging can result in tremendous failure, wrecking any relation of trust you’ve built with your candidate pool. When you fill the position with a sub-par candidate, most likely your turnover rate will be higher. No client wants to re-interview and re-train an employee every two weeks.

Be honest

Clients and candidates alike do not like to be led-on. Over-promising only makes it hard to over-deliver. Being honest about your capabilities and delivering on those promises is much more important and will impress both your clients and candidates.

 Don’t forget your employees

Calling the candidate after the first day or week on the job to make sure they’ve gotten settled can make all the difference to your relationship with the candidate turned employee. These relationships are important: when the employee’s assignment ends, there will probably be another job order to fill that you can submit them to!

Staffing agencies serve an economic purpose and they help many people get their foot in the door for some practical experience before finding the career of their dreams. As staffing agencies and the temporary workforce continues to grow, it’s important to take these tips into consideration in order to continue building positive vibes towards the staffing community. We do good work and want to help people reach their career goals!


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