Fun Fact: According to HRDiveThirty-six percent of Americans in a new ResumeLab survey admitted to lying on their resumes. Most who were dishonest said they did so because they lacked experience or long-term employment. 

This is a huge problem that recruiters and recruitment agencies face on a daily basis. So I put together 3 simple points that can qualify a candidate in 5 minutes or less. Here there are,

1. Test their knowledge, ask technical questions about their job. According to Inc, 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.

2. Ask them what the environment was like when there were happiest at work. This will reveal their biggest strengths and will tell you if they fit in the work environment of your company

3. A Former Salesforce executive recommended asking, “If you worked for your top competitor, how would beat yourself?” Candidates who are self-aware would be able to answer the question easily.

This helps you avoid long interviews that end up becoming fake candidates. You can completely avoid this part of the hiring process, along with sourcing and onboarding if you work with MY HR.

MY HR utilizes AI technology to find qualified candidates on a timely basis. If you would like to see how this fits in to your business, don’t hesitate to email me at or book a call with senior management here.