A good staffing company can be a valuable partner in the hiring process, ensuring you get quality candidates efficiently and economically. How do you find the right staffing agency for your needs, out of the thousands in the U.S.?

Here’s the information your potential staffing partner should provide you with:

Industries of Specialization

A staffing firm that focuses on your industry will have a better grasp of the job market, technical requirements for staff and cultural fit. It will be better able to advise you on hiring and pay trends. When this kind of external perspective comes from an experienced source, it can be invaluable.

Staff Screening Methods

Find out how the staffing agency screens its applicants. What testing methods does it apply? Do its procedures match yours and those of the industry?

Staffing Services Offered

As your needs grow, a good staffing company should be able to keep up. Ask what other services it provides. To be competitive, the firm should offer on-premises services, payroll processing, temp-to-perm and direct hire services in addition to traditional temporary staff recruitment.

Staff Pay Packages

A good staffing firm will compensate its employees at or slightly above market rates. If the staffing company you’re talking to pays its employees less than average, it probably won’t attract the best candidates.

Customer Service

How does the staffing firm service its clients after the placement? Does it follow up with you and the candidates? Does it act on your feedback? In addition to asking the firm these questions, seek out its references and ask them how it performed.

The best time to find a good staffing company is before you need one. Take the time to screen a potential staffing partner by going through the steps above, and you’ll be well positioned to start recruiting high-performing candidates promptly when the need arises.

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