Light manufacturing has been making a comeback in the United States. After decades of light industrial production jobs moving offshore, in 2012 more operations were “on-shored” or “near-shored” than ever before. Companies like GE, Caterpillar and Lenovo are bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Last November, Apple announced it would open a manufacturing plant in Arizona that would create more than 2,000 jobs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook provides job growth estimates for a number of occupations. Here is its projected outlook for selected light manufacturing jobs:

Job Function % Growth 2012–2022
Assemblers & Fabricators 4%
Quality Control Inspector 6%
Small Engine Mechanic 6%
Machinists & Tool Dye Operators 7%
Automotive Technician 9%
Electrician 20%

Based on our experience in field, we agree that the number of light manufacturing plants and jobs will continue to grow – in some cases, faster than the BLS predicts. We are confident we can help companies with their staffing and recruitment needs in this sector.

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