One third of every week is spent at work. Do you feel the love for your job as strongly as you did on the day you started? If your enthusiasm for work has faded, there are actions you can take that will change your outlook and make you feel positively about your job again. As a bonus, you’ll be a much happier person and a pleasure to be around.

See the big picture. Find out the value of your job to your company and how you fit into its mission. Doing work that they think is meaningful is one of the biggest sources of employee job satisfaction.

Get along with your boss. Rapport with the boss is another prime source of job satisfaction. In any work environment, your boss has a lot of control over your work and job performance. They can allocate resources, provide you with face time and feedback, and support your growth ambitions. Without being obvious about it, find out your boss’s goals and pressures. Show you’re on their side. Have their back. Get them to work with you, not against you.

Grow in your job. Learn ways to do what you do better. Find out more about your job, look for additional responsibilities related to it, and work to excel at it. You will be considered for promotion only if you can show that you have mastered your present job.

Maintain a pleasant attitude. Make your immediate environment a happy place. Don’t be a gossip and learn to have fun. A smiling face engenders positive feelings in those around you, which they in turn return to you, setting off a virtuous feedback loop.

Make friends. Nothing beats misery at work better than having coworkers you like. Get to know our colleagues, lend them your support, and be a friend to them.

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