Recruiting can be a long, overwhelming process.

All of the different parts of recruiting, from postings jobs, sourcing, and contacting candidates, screening resumes and conducting interviews, can take up a big chunk of your day.  Here are 5 tools that will save you time and help you find great candidates.


  1. Facebook Groups

Facebook has many groups in almost every part of America where you can post jobs for free. These groups contain anywhere from 1000 to 100000 members who are constantly looking for jobs, And this is perfect for recruiters. Why? Because for many jobs, Facebook groups are the only active communities on the Internet that will allow you to get your job posting in front of a targeted audience for free.

2. SignalHire

SignalHire is a chrome extension that provides accurate phone numbers and emails so you can contact candidates in a matter of seconds. SignalHire makes that recruiting process shorter and more efficient through because you can easily contact candidates through several different channels.

3. Run Linkedin Job ads

Running Linkedin job ads will promote your ad to specific job seekers who fit the job description for your position. Your ad will pop up in their “Based on your Profile and Career interests” section – something that many job seekers pay very close attention to.


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