.Net Architect

Job Description:

Technical Skills:

  • Around 10 years of experience in design and architecture.
  • Be able to articulate use case and high level solution.
  • Technology orientation around real-time analytics systems & architectures.
  • Be able to work closely with development and testing teams.
  • Be able to participate in solution debates.
  • Around 10 years of experience in design and architecture.
  • Front End development (CSS, Angular JS).
  • API design and construction (Web Services, SOAP, etc).
  • Delivery experience with Databases – Mongo DB, Maria DB, Redis.
  • Application Architecture.
  • Experience in security, high availability Cloud.
  • Hardware sizing fine / Determine High Availability for application.
  • Estimating volumetric information.
  • Platform tuning.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in planning, definition, and high-level design of the solution and explore solution alternatives.
  • Enable the Continuous Delivery Pipeline through appropriate design guidelines and investment advocacy.
  • Actively participate in the Continuous Exploration process as part of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, especially with enabler Epics.
  • Define subsystems and their interfaces, allocate responsibilities to subsystems, understand solution deployment, and communicate requirements for interactions with solution context.
  • Work with customers, stakeholders, and suppliers to establish high-level Solution Intent, and the solution intent information models and documentation requirements.
  • Establish critical NFRs at the solution level, participate in the definition of others.
  • Operate within the Economic Framework to validate the economic impact of design decisions.
  • Work with portfolio stakeholders, notably the Enterprise Architect, to develop, analyze, split, and realize the implementation of enabler epics.
  • Participate in Program Increment (PI) Planning and Pre- and Post-PI Planning, System and Solution Demos, and Inspect and Adapt events.
  • Define, explore, and support the implementation of ART and Solution Train Enablers to evolve solution intent, working directly with Agile teams to implement them Plan and develop the Architectural Runway in support of new business Features and Capabilities.
  • Work with Product and Solution Management to determine the capacity allocation for enablement work.


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