The global talent pool is shrinking again. According to the US DOL – Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average unemployment rate has dipped below the pre-recession rates to just 4.9%. There is currently much discussion in the recruitment industry about talent shortages affecting company recruitment. But is this a real concern to organizations or does it just require a shift in thinking?

Falling unemployment levels and growing administration responsibilities are potential threats for recruitment, as well as organizations not protecting themselves or planning for potential candidate shortages.

However, particularly in the ever-developing world of IT, it may just be that employers have to think a little differently about their recruitment process. Technical skills are forever changing and progressing, and so are professional’s job descriptions and career plans. The career path of a more generalized IT professional may no longer be clear or as they had originally planned a number of years ago.

Candidates may feel nervous about leaving a secure role to move on somewhere else. This creates a need for hiring organizations to be more creative, offering really attractive packages and the right bonuses and training courses to not only attract but also look after their employee’s long term.

This debate varies throughout industries; particularly in digital marketing you will find those who feel there is a real shortage of the right candidates for roles. However you will always find others who will counter that argument with claims that the market is changing, and making the organization and industry as a whole more appealing is the key to successful recruitment.

Because IT professionals often need to be recruited quickly for certain projects, often requiring specialist skills or deep knowledge of niche areas of IT, this can add to recruitment pressures. A little like dating, employers want to find the perfect match – but how long are they willing to wait, often putting extra pressure on the existing team and leaving a role empty?

Reports show that companies are planning to increase hiring throughout to grow their workforce so it may be that any talent shortage is short lived, at least for those organizations willing to innovate. Candidates are likely to judge organizations more intently, especially in markets that are more competitive, so it is more important than ever to communicate well and a put a human face to the business and the recruitment process.

Finding, developing and retaining the right talent is so important, and in IT it is especially important to have a recruitment agency that understand the ever-progressing world of technology.

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