Human Resource compliance consists of policies and procedures in human resource manuals, staff awareness and keeping policies and procedures up-to-date, recruitment procedures and terms and conditions of employment.

Human Resources (HR) Law is related to Labor and Employment law and encompasses the various laws and regulations specific to HR professionals. It deals with the issues that HR professionals must contend with in the majority of their work functions, predominantly in overseeing and managing duties related to hiring, firing, employee benefits, wages, pay checks, and overtime. It may also pertain to workplace safety, privacy; and preventing discrimination and harassment.

Local, state, and federal employment laws all play a role in human resources, and HR professionals must be familiar with a wide array of different statutory and regulatory authorities in order to effectively and lawfully deal with company personnel. Common matters of concern to HR managers include employee handbooks/manuals, establishing policies and procedures, affirmative action programs and policies, government contract and wage laws, human resources compliance audits, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, plant closing laws, substance abuse and drug testing laws, and unemployment compensation.

There is enormous information exchange between the HR department, potential employees and employers. In spite of best efforts, at times it is difficult to track documents, retrieve right versions and documents are misplaced.

HR compliance checklist is a way to make workflows more efficient by giving you what you need, when you need by knowing where it is sent, received and collated.

With the advent of document collection, management and storage software, this is a matter of just defining workflows and tracking it through to completion.


The secret of success is to optimize your time and increase your productivity by making day to day processes easier, faster and safer


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