One of the biggest misconceptions in the business world is that hiring off-shore talent will decrease the quality of work in your company. This is far from true and here is why.

According to GeekWire Some of the best IT talent in the world is in countries like Pakistan, India and in the Philippines. Now you might be thinking, “Hiring off-shore talent will damage the US economy.” However, McKinsey Global Institute calculated that for every dollar spent on a business process that is outsourced to India, the U.S. economy gains at least $1.12.

Another misconception is that there is a language barrier between you and off-shore workers. In the 21th century, English has become a universal language. According to Babbel, around  1.35 Billion people in the world speak English.

Even Fortune 500 companies are hiring off-shore talent and growing exponentially because of it. Now the big question is, “Where do I find this awesome talent?”, as companies don’t have local representatives in other parts of the world.

During the pandemic, startups and small companies started requesting us to find off-shore talent that can save them money. For the last 6 months, MY HR has been able to provide premium IT talent as well as off-shore recruiters, data entry, lead generation, and business development talent for a fraction of the price. MY HR has the infrastructure in place to pay and monitor off-shore consultants efficiently.