Workers in today’s automated, robotized manufacturing plants need certain skills to thrive in their jobs. When hiring manufacturing employees, here are some key characteristics to look for.

Appropriate Manufacturing Skills

Of course, you want to be sure that a candidate for the position of, say, process engineer, welder or CNC operator has skills up to your standards. If your applicant is trained in a related production technique, check if they have the aptitude and desire to learn the skill you need.

Manufacturing Certifications

Certifications show not only that an applicant has the requisite knowledge, but also that he or she is committed to their field. Above-average candidates will be certified in areas and at levels higher than those their jobs require.

Continuous Improvement

Manufacturing is a competitive field. To maintain market position, there is constant pressure to produce more goods, with better quality, at lower cost. Processes, methods, tools and technology keep changing. Is your potential manufacturing employee able to excel in this environment? Are they dedicated to improving themselves on a continuous basis?

Intangible Skills Related to Manufacturing

Manufacturing jobs require more than steady hands and physical strength. To hire good manufacturing employees, gauge their intangible skills like reasoning and problem-solving ability, flexibility, initiative, mechanical inclination and knowledge of automated systems.

Safety Consciousness

Manufacturing plants consider safety their no. 1 priority. What is your applicant’s attitude toward safety? What is their safety record? During the interview, probe into their history of dealing with safety rules and regulations and how they reacted if they saw a safety violation.

Teamwork on the Manufacturing Floor

Although manufacturing has always been a team-oriented discipline, teams today are generally smaller and consist of more specialized functions. Hence, interpersonal and communication skills take on added importance. Find out how the candidate performs in teams and deals with peers and other employees at different seniority levels.

Check for the attributes listed above in your resume reviews and interviews. You’ll be rewarded with quality employees who will produce quality products and help your company succeed.