Companies use Staffing firm because they have vast verity of candidates than a company would ever get. Staffing firm are widely recognized for their zeal for high standards. Staffing recruiters typically have a very niche specialty, they may focus on a certain industry, skill set or specialty, and will often have an extensive database of candidates within this niche that are both passive or active in the market. They are also often familiar with the market and can provide and excellent resource into market conditions, pay scales for similar roles, and even help you understand the skill sets needed for the job you are trying to fill which means that they can come to the aid of HR quickly and effectively to supplement recruiting efforts and help save time and money for the company. Many agencies work for contingency, so there is often no risk to review and interview their candidates to determine if you are making the best hiring decision. Staffing recruiters are constantly calling into companies, talking with passive candidates, maintaining their network and building relationships with these passive candidates.

When companies work with a Firm, they bring in an entire team of recruiters, their networks, relationships and tenacity to identify the right candidate for the job quickly, which will take the burden off of the rest of your team. This type of recruiting effort often brings a top performer into your company adding tremendous value as well.

Many Companies will have their own reasons for using recruitment agencies. For many its staffing services or the more recent managed workforce facility that many large companies are favoring as a way to monitor staffing costs. For some it may be a short term need and for others they may offer a major route to market to access the strong talent that they would otherwise miss out on. That’s why companies use staffing firm rather than finding a candidate themselves.


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