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What Staffing firm brings on table for Small Company?

What Staffing firm brings on table for Small Company? It’s a common misconception among small and mid-sized business owners that staffing firm are just for providing huge batches of temps to large companies and their services are cost-prohibitive. In fact, working with staffing firm can be an extremely economical choice for smaller companies, especially companies that do not have [...]

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3 ESSENTIAL POINTS FOR SELECTING STAFFING PARTNER Selecting the right partner to support your needs for temporary and contract staff is becoming an increasingly important purchasing decision. As companies migrate to more flexible staffing strategies, they rely on their staffing vendors to staff long term projects or to be a source of employees they can [...]

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Staff Augmentation for Small Companies

Staff Augmentation for Small Companies   Effective staff management is essential in ensuring your workplace runs smoothly and efficiently, and the right employees are in the right positions. Employees who are well-managed and receive continuous training and evaluation are better prepared to do their jobs and to serve your customers. This can lead to better [...]

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IS IT TALENT SHRINKING The global talent pool is shrinking again. According to the US DOL – Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average unemployment rate has dipped below the pre-recession rates to just 4.9%. There is currently much discussion in the recruitment industry about talent shortages affecting company recruitment. But is this a real concern [...]

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Do you think staffing firm brings value to your company?

Do you think staffing firm brings value to your company? Companies use Staffing firm because they have vast verity of candidates than a company would ever get. Staffing firm are widely recognized for their zeal for high standards. Staffing recruiters typically have a very niche specialty, they may focus on a certain industry, skill set [...]

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Why staffing may seem a bad word

Why staffing may seem a bad word          It’s not the word “STAFFING” as bad but the way it has been portrayed is bad. Despite the fact that temporary and contract employment has become more prevalent than ever and staffing agencies help million to find a job, staffing agencies still get a bad name. [...]

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Performance Analyst

Position Description: To ensure the timely and accurate calculation, analysis, and reporting of investment performance data for all portfolios of assigned clients in accordance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  Responsible for attribution reporting and analysis as needed.  Responds and troubleshoots problems through discussion with clients and internal team members. Responsibilities: Perform daily and [...]

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What to Look For When Hiring Manufacturing Employees

Workers in today’s automated, robotized manufacturing plants need certain skills to thrive in their jobs. When hiring manufacturing employees, here are some key characteristics to look for. Appropriate Manufacturing Skills Of course, you want to be sure that a candidate for the position of, say, process engineer, welder or CNC operator has skills up to your [...]

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How to Find a Good Staffing Company — 5 Questions to Ask

A good staffing company can be a valuable partner in the hiring process, ensuring you get quality candidates efficiently and economically. How do you find the right staffing agency for your needs, out of the thousands in the U.S.? Here’s the information your potential staffing partner should provide you with: Industries of Specialization A staffing firm that [...]

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MY HR Expands into Light Manufacturing Staffing

Light manufacturing has been making a comeback in the United States. After decades of light industrial production jobs moving offshore, in 2012 more operations were “on-shored” or “near-shored” than ever before. Companies like GE, Caterpillar and Lenovo are bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Last November, Apple announced it would open a manufacturing [...]

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