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  Developing a good resume is crucial in furthering career. So here is how you can develop a killer resume. Don't make your resume long Don't make your resume so long! Trust me, no one reads through the whole thing. It shouldn't be more then a 2 or 3 page resume. 2. Craft your resume [...]

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The 3 points that can qualify a candidate in 5 minutes

Fun Fact: According to HRDive, Thirty-six percent of Americans in a new ResumeLab survey admitted to lying on their resumes. Most who were dishonest said they did so because they lacked experience or long-term employment.  This is a huge problem that recruiters and recruitment agencies face on a daily basis. So I put together 3 simple points that can [...]

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The true cost of hiring

A very big misconception that many entrepreneurs face in this time and age is the fact that hiring is more expensive than it seems. It's not just "I just pay them X amount per month", there are several factors that go into hiring including, Small business owners can end up spending around 40% of their [...]

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In-house recruiters vs Recruitment Agencies: Which one is a better fit for you?

What do I mean by In-house vs Recruitment Agencies? In-house recruiters: Works In-house, sourcing candidates for lots of roles in the same company and pass on resumes to their account managers. Recruitment Agencies: Recruitment Agencies cover every part of the hiring process in multiple industries, including sourcing, background check, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. Recruitment Agencies: [...]

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3 tools that the best recruiters use

Recruiting can be a long, overwhelming process. All of the different parts of recruiting, from postings jobs, sourcing, and contacting candidates, screening resumes and conducting interviews, can take up a big chunk of your day.  Here are 5 tools that will save you time and help you find great candidates.   Facebook Groups Facebook has [...]

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HR COMPLIANCE Human Resource compliance consists of policies and procedures in human resource manuals, staff awareness and keeping policies and procedures up-to-date, recruitment procedures and terms and conditions of employment. Human Resources (HR) Law is related to Labor and Employment law and encompasses the various laws and regulations specific to HR professionals. It deals with the issues [...]

What Staffing firm brings on table for Small Company?

What Staffing firm brings on table for Small Company? It’s a common misconception among small and mid-sized business owners that staffing firm are just for providing huge batches of temps to large companies and their services are cost-prohibitive. In fact, working with staffing firm can be an extremely economical choice for smaller companies, especially companies that do not have [...]

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3 ESSENTIAL POINTS FOR SELECTING STAFFING PARTNER Selecting the right partner to support your needs for temporary and contract staff is becoming an increasingly important purchasing decision. As companies migrate to more flexible staffing strategies, they rely on their staffing vendors to staff long term projects or to be a source of employees they can [...]

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Staff Augmentation for Small Companies

Staff Augmentation for Small Companies   Effective staff management is essential in ensuring your workplace runs smoothly and efficiently, and the right employees are in the right positions. Employees who are well-managed and receive continuous training and evaluation are better prepared to do their jobs and to serve your customers. This can lead to better [...]

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IS IT TALENT SHRINKING The global talent pool is shrinking again. According to the US DOL – Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average unemployment rate has dipped below the pre-recession rates to just 4.9%. There is currently much discussion in the recruitment industry about talent shortages affecting company recruitment. But is this a real concern [...]

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