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Why You Should Hire Filipino Talent

Over the past few years, The Philippines has become one of the best places to hire remote talent, freelancers and outsourcing companies. If your still debating whether to hire Filipino talent, hopefully this article will clear all of your doubts. Filipino's have been outsourced to for nearly 30 years With over 700 BPO firms and 30 [...]

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How To Build An Strong Hiring Process

Recruiting is undoubtedly extremely time consuming and expensive, that's why recruitment professionals are always looking for ways to perfect the hiring process of their respective organization. In fact, the average cost per hire in the United States is just over $4,000. If you combine the cost with the average interview process duration of 23 days, you're looking at a high [...]

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How the pandemic has changed recruiting forever

  The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been tough for recruiters and recruitment firms. From adopting to virtual hiring to learning how to onboard a remote workforce, this pandemic has ultimately changed recruiting forever. So here are 3 ways that recruitment has changed forever: Digital Recruitment is here to say The first element of digital recruitment that [...]

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How Companies can take advantage of premium talent for pennies on the dollar during COVID

One of the biggest misconceptions in the business world is that hiring off-shore talent will decrease the quality of work in your company. This is far from true and here is why. According to GeekWire Some of the best IT talent in the world is in countries like Pakistan, India and in the Philippines. Now [...]

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  Developing a good resume is crucial in furthering career. So here is how you can develop a killer resume. Don't make your resume long Don't make your resume so long! Trust me, no one reads through the whole thing. It shouldn't be more then a 2 or 3 page resume. 2. Craft your resume [...]

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The 3 points that can qualify a candidate in 5 minutes

Fun Fact: According to HRDive, Thirty-six percent of Americans in a new ResumeLab survey admitted to lying on their resumes. Most who were dishonest said they did so because they lacked experience or long-term employment.  This is a huge problem that recruiters and recruitment agencies face on a daily basis. So I put together 3 simple points that can [...]

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The true cost of hiring

A very big misconception that many entrepreneurs face in this time and age is the fact that hiring is more expensive than it seems. It's not just "I just pay them X amount per month", there are several factors that go into hiring including, Small business owners can end up spending around 40% of their [...]

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In-house recruiters vs Recruitment Agencies: Which one is a better fit for you?

What do I mean by In-house vs Recruitment Agencies? In-house recruiters: Works In-house, sourcing candidates for lots of roles in the same company and pass on resumes to their account managers. Recruitment Agencies: Recruitment Agencies cover every part of the hiring process in multiple industries, including sourcing, background check, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. Recruitment Agencies: [...]

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3 tools that the best recruiters use

Recruiting can be a long, overwhelming process. All of the different parts of recruiting, from postings jobs, sourcing, and contacting candidates, screening resumes and conducting interviews, can take up a big chunk of your day.  Here are 5 tools that will save you time and help you find great candidates.   Facebook Groups Facebook has [...]

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HR COMPLIANCE Human Resource compliance consists of policies and procedures in human resource manuals, staff awareness and keeping policies and procedures up-to-date, recruitment procedures and terms and conditions of employment. Human Resources (HR) Law is related to Labor and Employment law and encompasses the various laws and regulations specific to HR professionals. It deals with the issues [...]