Selecting the right partner to support your needs for temporary and contract staff is becoming an increasingly important purchasing decision. As companies migrate to more flexible staffing strategies, they rely on their staffing vendors to staff long term projects or to be a source of employees they can hire directly. The 3 main key points for selecting staffing partner is Quality, Service and Price.

Quality: Working with a company that can understand what they are truly looking for and pre-screening for both culture and technology and thus only sending over candidates that are worthy of an interview helps to speed up the hiring process making for a great partnership.

Service: We think a key factor in selecting the right staffing partner is their ability and willingness to adjust their service model to meet your specific needs.MY HR believe even the smallest employer needs at least three points of service contact from their staffing partner: Someone to guide you through the placement process, can stay dedicated to the recruiting process and makes sure your recruiter gets the resources it needs

Price: Pricing by cost means that you determine how much a job will cost you and add a mark-up. However, this means that your client pays for your efficiency (or lack thereof). So, offering a range of pricing options with some guidelines on the types of activities will set expectations on both sides while ensuring that you offer the right level of service for what your client needs to support their growth.

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